Kwenta API (1.0)

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Welcome to the Kwenta API Documentation!

This documentation is intended for developers who want to build applications that interact with the Kwenta API a subset of Kwenta payment platform stack.

See the Documentation for a general overview of the Kwenta platform.


Kwenta returns some standard HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of API requests.

These codes serve the following purposes:

Range Purpose
2xx Response codes within this range denote successful outcomes. They confirm that your API request has been processed successfully.
4xx Response codes falling within this range indicate errors related to your request. These errors typically occur due to missing or incorrect information provided in the request. For instance, if a required parameter is omitted or a transaction fails, Kwenta will respond with a code from this range to indicate the specific issue.
5xx Response codes within this range signify errors with Kwenta's servers. Although rare, they can occur due to technical difficulties or server-related problems.

Kwenta's use of these standardized HTTP response codes ensures that developers and users receive clear feedback regarding the status of their API requests. This approach promotes transparency and facilitates a better understanding of the outcomes of interactions with the Kwenta platform.

You can find a list of all possible error codes in the RFC-9110 - HTTP Semantics standard document.